castlevania :D

all abOUt loVe.. and LIfe.. and LOve for life..


Dinner with Grampie @ Tampopo :)

Last night, we queued an hour outside Tampopo Liang Court to a bursting restaurant with an uber long queue... We were eventually seated at a laopok absolutely cramped corner where servers forgot to top up our drinks or provide us with cutlery until we had to get up to catch their attention?! On the bright side, the food is yUmmy and grampie had fun cooking his sukiyaki :D Even though we are easy to please and would go great lengths for yummy food... We won't queue an hour for it again~

the green tea : very aromatic and full of flavour :D even grampie who usually avoids drinking anything outside his fluid limit coz of cardiovascular health reasons enjoyed it and asked for more tea~

black pig sukiyaki : broth is sweet and savoury , good quality of meat, fire lasted throughout entire meal, grampie enjoyed cooking his shabu shabu :D servers failed to provide cutlery ... expect my grampie to drink boiling soup from a steamboat without a spoon? had to stand up and call them as waving proved useless.

grilled squid : nicely grilled with bbq flavour, not overdone but not soft neither. is a bit Q but not rubbery, quite yummy~

ramen + chirashi sushi set with curry croquette : too much! chirashi sushi was fresh and yummy but ramen was ordinary.. curry croquette felt boring and rather dry, nothing special about it... would be nice if they filled it with bits of corn etc inside to surprise us?

kurobuta tonkatsu set : thousand layered katsu was delish! :) although it's fried it was moist and so well made that it can rival the ones I had in Japan :D the miso soup was rich and had lots of goodies in it~ absolutely thumbs up!

ramen : ramen and soup was ordinary. egg was overcooked as the yolk was not runny.

Good life :D

I am on maternity leave already and so not used to staying still at hOme~ I'm known to be hyperactive but working in ICU in the final weeks of pregnancY induced more contractions +++ :p After resting at home, dodo is so comfy and now although due, she doesn't want to come out? I tried pineapple and spicy food and it doesn't work~ :p Shall let nature take it's course then and enjoy my babymoon at home~ :D Mostly, I feel like a beached whale coz tummy suddenly grew v huge within the last 2 weeks? gOt backache and ribs ache... can't mOve much once I lie down but can still walk quickLY~ well it doesn't stop me from enjoying life :p

this is an pan and milo :D yUmmy...

these are cadbury eggs.. I'm gg to distribute them instead of red eggs on dodo's first month birthday party :D I used to live near coldstorage holland V and bought these frequently as a kid... too bad they are only available during easter now when it used to be all year round but my friends and I really like them! hahaha.. :D


almOst due :D

dOdo gLOWY will be out these few daYs~ went for mi appt and did a CTG... having regular miLd contractions alreadY wahaha....wondering if she will pop on 29 feb :P I am touched dat hubbi accompanied mi through the whole process... I felt quite scared :P

Afterwards, I had tauhuay cravings and the seller designed a dodo tauhuay for mi... heheh... :D Cheers!


Looking forward to a new life :D

I'm on MC... it's like the beginning of the year and I used to NOT take mc for like at least 10 years but I really couldn't walk ... :( Felt giddy that afternoon at mi workplace and suddenly bLOOP on the floor.. :P it happened so quickly and scared mi friend who was nearby... at the same time, mi sprained mi ankle ... ZZZZZ it was so swollen I was crying even when trying to walk from mi bed to mi toilet a few steps away =( Thankfully the swelling subsided by the next day and is getting better...break a leg.. maybe will bring me better luck in this dragon year :D


Count downs 1 mOnth to dOdo's arrival :D

Went for mi scan last week , dodo is already head down and weighed 1.84kg last friday :D Still can't see whether boy or gaL cos of position but nevermind la I believe she is a gal hahaha! Did her room alreadY... bOUght almost everything I need... packed mi hospital bag... I wanna call her Aurelia Chiew Ke Xin :D I hope she likes her name! ke - adorable; xin - happy , euphoric . CNY is coming soon... look forward to mi baby dragOn :D


Babies from wOrk...

been taking care of a few babies... who almost died after birth... feel sad taking care of them.. one of whom is gasping away buying time, while the other one who can die from arrythmias anytime... both of them have something in common, both had normal scans / examinations antenatally... juz dat events during birth led to their condition todaY~ cannot help but worry about mi dodo... Hope everything goes smoothlY... 32 weeks alreadY... less than 2 mOnths to gO... wanna meet u and carry U and feed u bb... :D



Today was soooo tired by the time I got home... then at the lift, got a random middle aged couple who got into the lift with mi , accused and reprimanded mi for something I didn't dO? RIDICULOUS... I retaliated and scolded them back. REALLY ANGRILY. Some people should juz mind their own business and not try and act smart. I absolutely HATE IT when some pple like to talk pple down with the condescending tone. Especially plz stay far far away from me......... pregnant mommies are most ferocious! >:(


Happy new year :D

dOdo is due in less than 2 mOnths time and I'm still very busy at the wOrkplace... business boomz and lots of speed walking/ getting things dOne... almost half dead by the time I reach hOme but thankfully hUbbie drives mi to work if I'm AM shift and drives mi home when I'm PM shift. Spent a lot on dodo and mI even before she is bOrn ... signed up for hOme jamU and massage :x LOL... bOUght lots of babY clOthes...towels... miLk bottles, even pacifiers, bought electric breast puMp.. bathing soap + hairwash, clOth diapers... :D... the crib, pram, steriliser all prepared... nOw need to pack my hOspital bag and buy the last few items which are the simpler , small stuff such as bath basin, wipes, miLk powder (shall wait), ru yi oil, desitin and the list goes On... :p I like the name Chloe a LOT but everyone told mi not to call her that, v suay name (cos I work in childrens ICU and associate names to children who gone through a lot of sickness/death) so I thought why not call her Aurelia, which sounds good and is meaningful.. but the DAD cannot pronounce, so Im looking for a new name for dodo